THEATER 100 CSUN Stage Directions and Block Movements Diagram

Theatre class: there will be two assignments

~1st: stage direction and blocking movements. it is just drawing a diagram showing the movements of the character.

you must draw me a diagram using arrows to illustrate the actor’s movements on the stage along with description of the direction the actor is facing at every step along the way. using north, east, south, west to explain the actor’s position.

  • Starting C facing Full Front
  • Move DR face Left Profile
  • Move UL face Full Back
  • Move DC face Right Profile
  • Move UR face Quarter Left
  • Move DL face Quarter Right
  • Move UC face Three Quarter Right then Three Quarter Left
  • Move RC face Half Right
  • Move LC face Half Left
  • Move C face Full Front and take a bow

~2nd script Analysis Assignment.

first needs to reed Sun and rehearsal script that will be provided. you are going to complete a script analysis. You must create your own formate for the script analysis, and you can reference the example shown below. You must include all entries from each design area (scenic, props, costumes, lighting, sound) covering the entire play.

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