The West Overtaking the World in Modernization & Europe in The 1500 to 1650 Essay

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To put it even shorter, what happened in Europe in 1500–1650?

Only use the attached book “States and Power”

Hints: Imagine that you are preparing a short memo to your government wondering about the development strategy. The first achievers were in the West. What factors made them the pioneering examples?

You can use no more than 5 (FIVE) pages, normally formatted: double-spaced 12-point fonts. Therefore try to be clear and follow Lachmann’s book.

The book should be plenty enough. Do NOT try to use articles from the internet. Lachmann only.

Quotes: simply “…” (which chapter, if you cannot identify in electronic form the page numbers). No bibliography required.

Remember, the question is WHY? Not when nor who. Do not try to retell the histories of Spanish empire and the Dutch merchant republics, then England and France: you will get lost in detail. Pay attention to how Lachmann structures his short book, what does each chapter say? Was it their Atlantic coast geography and climate? Was it their special culture (not as lazy as Orinetal peoples) and religion (Protestantism)? Or was it their special technological inventiveness (so many geniuses and inventors)? But Arabs also once had their great scholars. Or, perhaps, it was simply the Western imperialism and colonial plunder?

What forced the West to develop its combative nationalisms and citizenship claims on the national states? Why the ever increasing bureaucratization? Why did the West evolve from zero bureaucracy in the feudal Middle Ages to the two essential ministries of Absolutist monarchies (French king Louis XIV and his finance minister Colbert) to all those ministries of everything today? Why did democracy and welfare emerge apace with increased taxation and military recruitment?

In short, your outline is the chapters outline of Lachmann’s book.

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