The Weekly Time Tickets Indicate The Following Distribution Of Labor Hours For Three 4069613

The weekly time tickets indicate the following distribution of labor hours for three direct labor employees: Tom Couro David Clancy Jose Cano 13 2 14 2 15 1 SHOW ME HOW B. $40.80 per direct labor hour SHOW ME HOW The direct labor rate earned per hour by the three employees is as follows: Tom Couro $32 David Clancy 36 Jose Cano 28 The process improvement category includes training, quality improvement, and other indirect tasks. A. Journalize the entry to record the factory labor costs for the week. B. Assume that Jobs 301 and 302 were completed but not sold during the week and that Job 303 remained incomplete at the end of the week. How would the direct labor costs for all three jobs be reflected on the financial statements at the end of the week

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