The Vending Machine Delivers An Ice Cream Bar After It Has Received 15 Cents In Coin 1248520

The vending machine delivers an ice cream bar after it hasreceived 15 cents in coins. The machine has a single coin slot thataccepts only nickels and dimes, one coin at a time. A mechanicalsensor indicates whether a dime or a nickel has been inserted intothe coin slot. The controllerA????1s output causes one candy bar to bereleased down a chute to the charitable donor. The donor may insertthree nickels, a dime and a nickel, or two nickels and a dime ortwo dimes. If the donor inserts a total of 20 cents, the machinekeeps the extra 5 cents as an additional charitable donation. Note:use Moore machine for your implementation. Here ismy State Diagram for the first part.

Now I need help with the state diagram and state table for thesecond Part.

It was deemed impractical to keep the extra nickel of change forthe Dime-Dime-Nickel and Nickel-Nickel-Dime scenario listed above.Too many users were annoyed that the extra nickel was kept as anextra donation. Therefore, a second output called Change is toreturn one Nickel in the above two scenarios. Add a state calledTwentyCents that dispenses the candy bar and returns anickels change.

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