The Use Of Quality Management Initiatives To Improve Products From Cradle To Grave 2840119

Assignment Topic: The use of quality management initiatives to improve products from cradle to grave. Task
Having discussed the nature of quality in goods and services during tutorial one; you will have seen how the ‘touch points’ of a product may have a much wider level of interaction with the consumer than you may have expected.
Your task is to select a ‘suitable’ product as a scenario on which to base your assignment and discuss the ‘nature of the quality dimensions’ implicit within it. It could be a ‘good’ or a ‘service’ but you must contrast these contexts. You must comment on how the material of this module could be applied to improving the quality at every stage of the consumer’s contact with your product. (Hint: You should consider the whole lifecycle of the product and the full extent of the consumer interaction with it). Critically assess how TQM or Six Sigma might be applied and recommend a methodology to help you improve manufacture, or delivery, of the product. You should discuss the benefits and risks of implementation of this methodology.
From an operational perspective your choice of recommended quality methodology must be rational and suitable. Thus it must be a solution that is appropriate to the context that you, as a group, decide to set. (Hint: If you choose a product then the complexity and quantity of the product made would define the appropriateness of your recommendations. You must therefore include a very short statement to explain the context of your assignment on the covering sheet as a short introduction to the task. From an academic perspective your report should present a balanced view of the options and critical analysis of theory to support your recommendations. It is stressed that your critical evaluation of the academic theory of Quality Management will determine your marks.
You are to produce a 4000 word business report for submission. As tutor I will take the role of your company manager to assess the validity of your recommendations.
It should be noted that this should be considered as a research project. Whilst the content of the taught element of the course will provide a framework and context for the assignment, they do not provide the detail. It is your task to research the topic in depth and provide a structured, well-reasoned response with appropriate reference (and use of citations) to underpin your discussion. All submissions must conform to the SHU standard of APA referencing conventions.
Group Formation:
This assignment is to be carried out in groups of ideally 4 students (but with a minimum of 3 students). Your tutor will set your assignment group and you must work with this group to deliver your assignment task. These groups will be formed and notified to you in week 1 and 2. It is strongly recommended that you establish contact with all members of your group as soon as possible.
All members of the group are expected to contribute equally to the task of analysing research and preparing the report. You must work together on all aspects of the task. Whilst group meetings are encouraged to discuss and exchange ideas, it is strongly advised that you also use the group discussion boards, Google docs or similar on-line portal systems to work on this task. This will assist with construction, compilation and thus contribution and will improve access and communication between group members.
As part of your submission all group members must complete the attached peer assessment form. This peer assessment will be used to calculate an individual grade from your group mark. It is essential therefore that the form is completed after completion of your group assignment task and that it is completed accurately and honestly to reflect each individual’s actual performance and contribution. Hand-In
Your group report: Submission must be submitted electronically via both the ‘Quality Management Group Assignment SUBMISSION POINTand the ‘TurnItIn’ submission point marked ‘Group Assignment’. These can both be found on the blackboard module site in the assessment tab. The file should be uploaded by one member of the group and the file must include your group number at the beginning of the file name i.e. “Tutorial1-Group3-P&QMAssignment.docx“.
Your peer review forms: Should be submitted individually via only the separate TurnItIn submission point marked ‘Peer Review Individual Submission’. The file name for this should include your group number and your name i.e. Tutorial1-Group3-JoeBloggs-Peerreview.docx This submission point is also on the blackboard module site in the assessment tab. The peer review should be kept confidential and should be an accurate and honest reflection of the contribution of each member of the group. It should be submitted within 24 hours of submission of the group report.
The deadline for both elements is 15:00 on Thursday 29th November 2018. You will have 24 hours to submit after this but after this, any submission will require extenuating circumstances. Any element submitted after the Friday 15:00 deadline without prior arrangement or exceptional circumstances request may result in an award of zero marks for the task. Support
Your lecturer will be available to discuss your progress and to provide some direction with your research. This will be provided at class tutorials, by prior arrangement to meet with the lecturer, or by e-mail response within 3 working days of your request. A marking scheme for the report can be found attached.
Peer Assessment Guide – Equity of marks awarded within your group.
To ensure that the marks allocated to the group work are equitable you are required to assess your own contribution and that of each of your group members to the completion of the assignment. This should be completed and submitted individually (i.e. one form per individual) using the Bb TurnItIn submission point provided. When completing the form, please do not collaborate with anybody else. All responses will be treated in confidence. Using the assessment criterion below I would like you to give yourself and each of your fellow group members a score out of 5 as follows:
Score What the score means? 1 I (or the group member) made an ineffective contribution to the team – the contribution was a cause for concern. 2 At times I (or the group member) made an effective contribution to the team, at other times less so, but overall the contribution was adequate. 3 I (or the group member) made an effective contribution to the team. 4 I (or the group member) made an effective contribution overall and a particularly valuable contribution to the team in one or more areas.



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