The Role of Infectious Agents in Oncogenesis Essay

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In this week’s discussion board, you are expected to extensively research(read chapter 6 of – The Molecular Basis of Cancer textbook by Mendelsohn et al) and write on the topic – The Role of Infectious Agents in Oncogenesis. You are required to use this outline as a guide (you should not restrict yourself to it;

– Introduction and history of infectious agents and oncogenesis
– Identify at least five (5) infectious agents that play a role in oncogenesis
– For each infectious agent, discuss the following;

  • What cancer (s) is it associated with its development?
  • What is(are) the oncogenic factor(s) in the infectious agent?
  • What is(are) the mechanism(s) of oncogenesis

– What are your suggestions for prevention, control and or treatment of any of these cancers?

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