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Overview of Assignment
Students will work in groups of 2-3 on a mathematical investigation. Students will be given a problem scenario including suggestions for modelling and exploration. They will have to analyse, design and construct a mathematical model and investigate its solution and describe their conclusions in mathematical and/or graphical form.
The report length can be around 5 – 10 pages. The report must have a short statement of the contributions of each group member
Task Description: Written Report
Your group will be exploring one Mathematical problem and its uses in the real world. You are to write a report on your findings.
Your group can choose one from the following problems or your group can choose to come up with your own. However, after forming group and deciding on the topic to work on your group must meet their respective tutor to get an approval.
The problems your group can choose from are:
• Apportionment and cake-cutting
• Lotto and whether it is a good bet to play
• Sorting algorithms
• Travelling salesman problem
• Greedy algorithm and packing problems
• Predator-prey with recurrence relations
The written report must have the following sections:
1. Introduction
2. Problem definition
3. Real world applications based on the problem of your choice
4. Solution to the problem (If there are many solutions then discuss one solution and also research and discuss why it is an effective solution to the problem).
5. Possible algorithm (How computing can be useful in providing the solution discussed in section 4)
6. Conclusion
7. Short statement about contributions/Reflections from each group member
8. References
Submission Requirement
Deadline to submit written report: Week 12 Sunday (10th February 2019), 11.59pm via Moodle.
The report must be:
1. Word or pdf document (5 to 10 pages long)
2. Size: A4
3. Use Assignment Cover Page (download from Moodle) with your details and signature
4. Single space
5. Font: Calibri, 11pt



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