The Prelab Portion Of This Lab Has To Be Completed At Home And Presented To A Ta At 3297295

The prelab portion of this lab has to be completed at home and presented to a TA at the BEGINNING of your lab section. The prelab may contain written assignments and/or assignments to implement using your own Arduino kit. Before starting each lab, present your work papers and/or your working implementations to a TA and get their signature and keep this sheet for your records. Prelabs are individual assignments. The lab portions may be worked on in groups of two. Lab 2-Prelab/Home Portion 1) 2) Explain the following: resolution, reference voltage, quantization error, and step size What is the resolution of the Arduino Uno’s analog to digital converter? Provide the relationship between resolution and step size 3) Convert the following voltages into their corresponding values: 1.334: 2.71% 2.75% 3.99V 4) Convert the following values into their corresponding voltages: 125; 400; 938;20 5) Plot (line graph) the relationship between the angle of a potentiometer (as described in class and textbook) on the x-axis and the raw reading of the ADC on the y-axis. Derive the equation. Connect a thermistor as shown in part 1 below. By following the instructions through part c, write a program to read the ADC channel connected to the thermistor and print the RAW ADC value to the terminal program.(To be done at home as part of the prelab. Demo at lab start) 6)



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