The Power Of Language Diversity Communication And Identity 346604

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If possible add online sources Orbe/Harris-“interracial communication” 2008 and Martin/Nakayama-“experiencing intercultural communication” 2011 to the bibliography.

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Instruction for proposal: Project 1 asks you to select one area of diversity (Linguistic diversity/language) you would like to learn more about and research this area of diversity to answer the following questions: What are the most important communication barriers that affect your chosen area of diversity? How is this group affected by discrimination, prejudice, stereotypes, or ethnocentrism? What communication strategies can help to improve communication for this group and reduce discrimination, prejudice, stereotypes, or ethnocentrism? This project will have three parts. In the first part, you will write a proposal explaining the topic you have chosen (Linguistic diversity/language). For the second part, you will conduct research on your topic and create an annotated bibliography of sources related to your topic. The final part of the project will ask you to write an essay putting it all together. Part 1: You will select an area of diversity (Linguistic diversity/language) and write a paragraph of approximately 150–200 words. Discuss this area of diversity, why it is of interest to you, and what you hope to learn from your research into this area. Part 3: 250–300 words Double–spaced APA writing conventions The final draft needs to be eight pages due 9/07/2013



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