The Object Of The Paper Is To Analyze A Country Or A Region From A Global Awareness 2377521

The object of the paper is to analyze a country or a region from a global awareness perspective. Employing critical thinking skills, the students need to explain how different types of global forces and issues – economic, political, social (including cultural and religious), environmental, human rights and health – affect the people of the specific country/region.
The minimum length for the paper is 10 pages, in proper APA format.
The purpose of this assignment is to acquire in-depth global awareness and perspective about a specific region/country and to share the knowledge with the class. The project will incorporate maps, charts, tables and pictures illustrating the issues addressed in the research project.
The paper should include the following subtopics:

  1. Brief overview of the country/region: population, ethnic/racial makeup, rural/urban ratio, major language characteristics, government type, head of state/government, political parties, area/geographical profile, map, statistics, climate, capital and other cities.
  2. Local impact (positive and challenges) of globalization on the specific country/region:
    1. Political – local implications of the global call for democracy and transition to market economies.
    2. Economic – positive consequences and issues of inequality, class and poverty in the region/country.
    3. Human Rights – racial/ethnic, religious, women, LGBT, people with disability, etc.
    4. Environmental issues/challenges
    5. Health: positive implications and issues
    6. Crime and Terrorism
  1. How do the regional issues/ challenges impact the world, and the United States, e.g. warfare, human rights, political instability, uneven economic development, environmental issues, crime, terrorism, health? Include some recent events/situations in the region/country. What are the relations between the country/region and the U.S. (political, economic, cultural, etc.)? What attempts are being made to address the issues/challenges? Do you approve or disapprove of these attempted solutions? What are some of the benefits and disadvantages of these attempted solutions? Can you suggest a better approach to handling the issues/situation?
  1. Summary of major points: If you are to travel/work in this country/region, how will this knowledge help you interact with people there? What are the major things that you need to consider about that country/region?

Recommended sources of information: In addition to the conventional research sources, such as library databases, scholarly journals, etc. , students are strongly encouraged to monitor local media, e.g. national newspaper/magazine of the specific country/region, local TV program/internet blog, etc. For example, if the researched country is Japan, the students will include in their sources original press media, such as – the Japan Times Online, – The Japan Journal Online, – Japan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, – Japan Policy Research Institute, etc.
Further, preferably and if possible, the students should incorporate in their research a reflection from an interview of a person from the researched country/region and/or relevant display/exhibit from a museum/event available/accessible to the students.



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