The M1s602 Data Modelling Database Design Subject Is Designed For You To Progressive 3196827

ASSESSMENT BRIEF Subject Code and Name M1S602 Data Modelling & Database Design Assessment One — Peer Assessment of File-based Database Design Individual/Group Individual Length See below for details Learning Outcomes B Submission Module 2 (week 4) Module 2 (week 4) Weighting 25% Total Marks 25 marks
The M1S602 Data Modelling & Database Design subject is designed for you to progressively add to your understanding of data and database management and its relevance with in business context. It also introduces you to some of the key features of database management system and designing database systems that will feature in later modules of this topic. In order for you to do well in this subject, it is imperative that you undertake all of the learning activities in the modules. The learning activities are presented as a way of scaffolding your learning so that you can attempt the building blocks of the assessments and be in a safe environment to fail and to learn from them. Therefore, doing your learning activities and seeking feedback from them from peers and from the learning facilitator is the single best way of preparing for doing well in this assessment.
There is an imperative requirement in this assessment; you must submit different versions of the files by Thursday of week 4 at midnight (Sydney time). The files should ideally be of excel format. The data in the files should be composed based on the following scenario:
Coventry University London Campus (CULC) is interested in a new Student record management system. This system needs a database to manage students enrolled, courses students enrolled in and staff facilitating the course. You will need to store and manage the data for the enrolled students, courses and the staff assigned to the courses. The system is intended to be built in-house. The university has a very strong information systems suite of programs and the students of that program are showing great insight and promise. It has signalled its intention to seek input from those students in a consulting arrangement.
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