The Image of Nursing Essay


Trend: The Image of Nursing


For this assignment, students will choose a Nurse Leader to examine from an historical perspective and include these details:

(1.) What are the nurse leader’s contributions to nursing?

(2) What effect has their work had on nursing society or culture?

(3.) Why does this nurse resonate with you? How does her or his contributions (or how will her or his contributions) impact your practice as a nurse?

This assignment should not exceed THREE pages.

Students can choose from, but are not limited to, these nurse leaders:

Linda Richards, Clara Barton, Mary Eliza Mahoney, Lillian Wald, Mary Adelaide Nutting, Lavinia Lloyd Dock, Annie Warburton, Isabel Hampton Robb, Mary Breckinridge, Margaret Sanger, Estelle Massey Riddle Osborne, Mabel Keaton Staupers, Mary Elizabeth Carnagie, Susie Walking Bear Yellowtail, Madeleine Leininger, Virginia Henderson, Luther Christman, Richard Carmona, Eugene Sawicki, Peter Bureaus, Florence Nightingale, Patricia Benner, Martha Rogers, Jean Watson, Dorothea Dix

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