The Following Table Shows The Cost Of A Family S Cellphone Plan Based On The Amo

Please Answer Question 4. Answer all parts! Thank you so much! I appreciate it.

4. The following table shows the cost of a family’s cellphone plan based on theamount of data used over the data limit.Data Used [in MB) Cost5170.91a. Explain why a linear equation is appropriate for100this relationship.200300$210 714003230 814250.51b. Find the slope of the line and explain what it means.c. Find the y-Intercept and explain what it means.d. Write the equation of the line.e. What will the plan cost if the family goes over their limit by 32 MB of data(enough to download one really cool app on a child’s phone)? Well, great! Thewill cost if they go over the limit by 64 MB.younger sister decides she needs that app, too. Also determine what the planBe specific.f. Why doesn’t it cost me twice as much to go over by 64 MB compared to 32 MB?

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