The Following Calendar Year End Information Is Taken From The December 31 2017 A

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The following calendar year-end information is taken from the December 31, 2017, adjusted trial balance and other records of Leone Company.Advertising expense $ 33,250Depreciation expense—Office equipment 8,7505 Depreciation expense—Selling equipment 9,200points Depreciation expense—Factory equipment 36,950Factory supervision 107,460Factory supplies used 9,100Factory utilities 37,200Direct labor 699,000Indirect labor 60,800Miscellaneous production costs 8,875El Office salaries expense 69,050— Raw materials purchases* 972,500eBook Rent expense—Office space 22,400Rent expense—Selling space 26,100”=- Rent expense—Factory building 83,600Maintenance expenscLFactory equipment 39,000References Sales 4,462,500Sales salaries expense 407,760 *Assume that the raw materials inventory account is used only for direct materials. Indirect materials are recorded in a factory suppliesaccount. Required:Classify each of the costs as either a product or period cost. Then, classify each of the product costs as either direct materials, directlabor, or factory overhead and each of the period costs as either selling or general and administrative expenses. (Leave no cell blank.)

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