The Evolution of Film Essay

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Please take some time to watch the following videos by clicking on the links provided:

The first short film is by one of the pioneers of Cinematography, Georges Méliès, A Voyage to the Moon from 1902. The film inspired the recent movie Hugo, by Martin Scorsese which is loosely based on the later life of Georges Méliès. A Voyage to the Moon displays innovative uses of special effects like fading effects and time-lapse Photography.

Citation: [Claudio Esses]. (2012, Feb 21).

A Trip to the Moon Georges Méliès (1902).

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The second video is a BBC news report on the 2017 film Loving Vincent directed by Dorota Kobiela and Hugh Welchman. It’s the first fully painted motion picture comprised of 65,000 oil paintings!

Citation: [Sarah Wimpuis]. (2016, Nov 21).

BBC Piece About Loving Vincent, the World’s First Fully Painted Feature Film.

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For your journal assignment, please compare and contrast the two clips and discuss the evolution of film as it is presented in these two videos. The goal is to submit a full page of writing while utilizing at least 10 or more terms from the textbook (attached). Remember these are art terms

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