The Course That I Am Taking Is Human Resoruce Management In Health Information M

The course that I am taking is Human Resoruce Management in Health Information Management.

As a member of LiveWell healthcare’s Social Growth committee, you are creating a Diversity Awareness presentation for the committee. You were asked to research the best ways to educate on Diversity Awareness and return with a presentation for the members as they embark on Diversity Awareness education at LiveWell. To do so, you have identified the following two publications in the Rasmussen College Library which you will use as you create your presentation:

The Key to Successful Diversity Training Is Creativity and Flexibility

Two Types of Diversity Training that Really Work

You have a PowerPoint presentation started for the committee which needs to be completed and made more professional before you bring it to the next Social Growth meeting. This is your assignment. PowerPoint attached here.

Open the attached Power Point to finalize creation of the Preparation of a Diversity Awareness Program. Please use the above two resources and the existing content in the PowerPoint to complete missing information.

To Finalize the Power Point, please do the following

  1. Complete page two with complete Resource information from both resources.
  2. Complete all four blanks on page 4.
  3. Complete all four blanks on page 5.
  4. Complete all four blanks on page 6.
  5. Complete all four blanks on page 7.
  6. Complete all four blanks on page 8.

Create your own “Perspective Taking” on page 9. (Perspective taking is described briefly on page 8 of the PowerPoint presentation and is reviewed in one of the resource articles.)

Finally, replace the plain white appearance of the current PowerPoint by creating a professional appearing PP Design, save the final presentation for submission.

Submit your completed assignment by following the directions linked below. Please check the Course Calendar for specific due dates.

Save your assignment as a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation.

Prof. Angela


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