The Case Robot Druggie

Phil 134 Final Exam Essay: Case Analysis–10 points Write a 1 to 1.5 page essay dealing with the case Robot Druggie In your answer, you should follow this short outline here: WARNING, this case is not simple! It is not about punishing robots. 1. In a sentence, state what is the important ethical problem in this case. 2. In a few sentences, state a solution or a way to reach a solution to this problem. 3. State which one ethical theory you think best fits this ethical problem & its possible solution. (there are 7 ethical theories to choose from, pick one). 4. Explain why you think this ethical theory fits best (-argument) Don’t define the ethical theory in your answer: Don’t summarize the case details before giving your argument. Only include details to explain how the theory fits. The argument should be about a page, single spaced, longer is okay, shorter & you lose points.

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