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The Case: Go Help Me“Go Help Me” (GHE) is a charitable organisation run by a group of volunteers and the chairperson of the organisation is Alex Smith. Alex along with other volunteers started this movement to assist homeless people and other people who might be in unforeseen trouble and wanting to raise some funds using crowd funding. Crowd funding is a relatively new concept in Australia, whereby general public may decide to donate small sums of money to help others in need, these amounts may range from $5 to any higher amount. Generally, patrons will donate on an average of $20, with smallest donation being $5 and largest being up to $200.The concept has been very popular lately and an example of few recent causes represented by the movement include raising funds for treatment of a terminally ill child, raising funds for someone whose house got destroyed in a fire and raising funds for a single parent in hospital to enable them to pay their rent and child’s school and carer fees.Current Manual Process – DonationsGHE currently promote campaigns using free messaging services like WhatsApp or WeChat. Patrons receive messages that include photos and a story writeup regarding a cause. If the cause appeals to them they logon to their banks website and then transfer money online to GHE trust account. Patrons also send a copy of the donation receipt via WhatsApp or WeChat to GHE. Once the funds are received by GHE, at the end of each week the accountant generate tax invoices / receipts for each patron and either emails them the receipt or sends it out to them via WhatsApp or WeChat.Details Recorded for Patrons• Name • Address • Postal Address • Phone Number • Email address • Whether donation is anonymous • Whether tax receipt needed or not • Name of cause for which funds are donated AccountingAt the end of each month the accountant for the GHE reconciles all accounts and remits all monies collected to various beneficiaries. Alex decides to engage you as a consultant. Your job is to provide him with solutions that address the following issues and provides advice on what needs to be implemented in the future. COIT20248 – Term 3, 2018 – Case Study – v1 Page 2 of 2Problems with The Current System1. Staff always must be available to answer phone calls and messages from patrons to note their details for tax invoices 2. Patrons cannot get a proper end of the year statement 3. Patrons cannot view or share their contribution history 4. Patrons cannot track which causes they have supported in the past 5. Patrons cannot keep a track on how their contributions may have helped beneficiaries 6. Entire process is highly manual 7. When Patrons change phone numbers they cannot be contacted for future campaignsDesired SystemAlex always wanted a system whereby patrons can donate money online. He wants that when a patron makes a contributes online they automatically receive an email thanking them for their contribution. Also, the contribution is stored under client login so at the end of the year clients can either print a consolidated statement or download a statement from their account.Alex has earmarked a budget of $125,000 for this project with a discount rate of 8%. He estimates that the new system will help in reducing cost by $6,500 per month. Maintenance cost could be estimated at around $750 per month.



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