The Buyer Decision Process Marketing Fundamentals Assignment 1 Consumer Behavior A D 2887236

The Buyer Decision Process – Marketing Fundamentals Assignment

1. Consumer Behavior
a. Definition and why is it important
b. Audit . You could briefly describe
i. Internal Influences
ii. External Influences

4. The Buyer Decision Process Students are explained each step and make sure you refer to citations. This could go in a table, but once again, it has to be explained and referenced.

5. Segmentation
a. A definition of segmentation and why is it important.

A table with the two segments with 3 demographics, 2 behavioural, 2 geographic and 1 psychographic variable. Look at Lecture 5 Slide 9

b. Table Explanation

These will be then explained and justified. In other words, convince us you believe these are two new segments your company can enter. This is referred to as a profile Remember, each segment has certain criteria. These segments must be different and have different buying behaviour.

6. Target Markets
a. Explain why you have chosen these two target markets using the information
b. Strategies for each segment explained
7. Positioning Map
a. What is positioning and what does it show?
Draw a perceptual Map and label it

b. Diagram Explanation

Explain any USP or competitive advantages the company may possess that enables it to enter this segment. You must explain why you have chosen these labels on your perceptual map.

8. Recommendation
You have identified two segments, now chose one and explain why?

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