The Best Colleges with 40-50 Percentage Acceptance Rate

It’s another time of the year when top colleges globally are admitting students. One most searched phrase today when it comes to finding the best college is the percentage acceptance rate.

So, what exactly is a percentage acceptance rate, and how can it affect your college admission? In simple terms, this is the percentage of applicants accepted by a college.

Colleges with a 50% acceptance rate, for example, accept 50% of all applicants. Similarly, those with a 90% acceptance rate only take 90% of total applicants.  Thus, the higher the acceptance rate, the higher your chance of joining the learning institution.

We’ll focus more on those colleges with 40-50 percentage acceptance rate. But we’ll also highlight a few other good choices with a higher acceptance rate.

What Factors Determine College Acceptance Rates?

Before anything, it’s essential to know why some colleges accept more students than others. Here are the main factors:

  • The total number of applicants – Top colleges and universities attract thousands of applicants yearly. And to ensure they only accept the best performers, they lower the admission rate.
  • The student to facility ratio – Most top universities have a 6-10:1 student facility ratio. The whole idea is that they should only accept a sustainable student population. So once they reach their target ratio, they stop taking more applicants until the following year.
  • Enrollment rate – Usually, the higher the enrolment rate, the higher the acceptance rate and vice versa. So, colleges known for a high enrolment pattern tend to accept more students to maintain their reputation. In turn, those with a lower enrolment pattern prefer to keep the acceptance rate low.

Why is the Acceptance Rate Important to the following groups?

  • Applicants – Though applicants shouldn’t care much about the acceptance rate, some do. They see colleges with the lowest acceptance rates to be the best as they assume they only pick the best performers.

As we’ll later see, there are good universities with high acceptance rates. So, a high acceptance rate doesn’t always translate to a mediocre higher learning institution.

  • Colleges – Since most colleges know that a majority of applicants consider those with low acceptance rates to be the best performers, they often decide to keep it that way. So, they limit their acceptance number year after year just to uphold their status.

But still, we’ll look at factors like student-facility ratio and applicants’ number that highly determine the acceptance rates among the best institutions.

Is a 50 Acceptance Rate Good?

A 50% acceptance rate, as indicated in the introduction, means you have a half-chance of gaining admission at a particular school. So, yes, a 50% acceptance rate is reasonable.

There is also another thing to consider. A 50% acceptance rate means the opportunity to study with half of the top-performing applicants as the colleges only accept 50% of the best applicants.

Generally, you have a 50% chance of gaining admission if your grades are better than those of 50% of students admitted previously. So, have to look at the previous college admission statistics to see where you lie.

Is There a Bad College Acceptance Rate?

Is there anything like a bad or good acceptance rate? The answer is NO. It all depends on how you look at it. Some applicants find universities with a higher acceptance rate for international students to be a better choice since they have an improved chance of joining.

Others, however, tend to have a contrary opinion. They see colleges with a low acceptance rate to be more competitive. According to them, those colleges only accept the top performers.

From the factors discussed above, this is not entirely true. But since we are speaking of a reasonable acceptance rate, we recommend colleges with 40-50 percentage acceptance rate if you are looking for the following:

  • A college that is good in performance
  • A college that offers you a fair chance of joining

Top 10 Best Colleges/Universities with 40-50 Percentage Acceptance Rate

It is time to look at the top 10 colleges that are easy to get into but good. We base our list on the 2019 admission patterns, and we focus on these colleges on a global scale. Here’s the list showing the colleges, their acceptance rate, and their location.

  Name Acceptance Rate Location
1 Durham University 41% Durham, U.K
2 University of Edinburg 42% Edinburg, Scotland
3 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute 43% Troy, New York
4 University of California –Davis 43% Close to Davis, California
5 University of Dundee 46% Dundee, Scotland
6 University of Washington 46% Seattle, Washington
7 Clemson University 47% Clemson, South Carolina
8 Dickinson College 49% Carlisle, Pennsylvania
9 Florida State University 49% Tallahassee, Florida
10 Penn State 50% University Park, Pennsylvania

High Acceptance Rate Universities in Europe

Since we have covered a few European colleges with 40-50 percentage acceptance rate, it’s also a good idea to highlight those with a high acceptance rate. Below is a list of five of the best college with a high acceptance rate and their location.

  Name Acceptance Rate Location
1 Paris Diderot University 100% Paris, France
2 University of Strasbourg 99% Strasbourg, France
3 University of Exeter 88% Exeter, Devon, U.K
4 Royal Holloway, University of London 87% Egham, England
5 Herzen University 80% Saint Petersburg, Russia

High Acceptance Rate Universities in USA

Since the United States is a leading education center in the world, it’s a good idea to get familiar with some of the best colleges there that have a high acceptance rate.

Based on college acceptance rates 2019, here are 5 of the best high acceptance rate universities in the U.S:

  Name Acceptance Rate Location
1 University of Wyoming 97% Laramie, Wyoming
2 Brigham Young University 95% Rexburg, Idaho
3 Kansas State University 94% Manhattan, Kansas
4 University of Kansas 93% Lawrence, Kansas
5 University of Akron 93% Akron, Ohio


With the above information, you now know what colleges with 40-50 acceptance rate suit you. You can go ahead and inquire more about the institutions before signing up. It’s generally essential to have the facts before joining a higher institute of learning as the enrolment mostly dictates your career path.

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