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Calculation Problem
Please refer to the file “Test Bank for Calculation Question_Reference Material.docx” for the methodology on solving this problem. Essentially, the numbers highlighted [5 and (6)] are different than the test bankI provided. Please calculate using 5 and (6).
1.New Brands Company is currently operating at 80 percent capacity. Worried about the company’s performance, the general manager reviewed the company’s operating performance. (All fixed costs are allocated to the segments)
Segment North South East West Sales 30 40 20 10 Less: variable costs 11 8 21 8 Contribution margin 19 32 (1) 2 Less: fixed costs 9 12 5 3 Operating profit (loss) 10 20 (6) (1)
REQUIRED: A. What is the current operating profit for the company as a whole?



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