The Athenians Were As Litigious As Modern Americans This Made The Abuse Of The L

The Athenians were as litigious as modern Americans.  This made the abuse of the legal system possible both for prosecutors and for jurors.  Find a humorous video or article that discusses an outrageous real lawsuit in America and analyze the humor used to treat this serious problem in America.  State the case, and discuss how effective the humorist is in treating this topic. Please include the link to the website you use.  You may want to consult this Quizlet for comedic terms used by humorists:  (500 words)

Submit in Word document format.

NOTE:  The case described in the article should be an outrageous one but what you are analyzing is how effective the humor is used by the journalist to treat this topic.  Make sure that you find a funny telling of the case and not just a funny case.  

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