The Assignment Must Be Completed As A Group Assignment For Face To Face Students Dis 3848803

This assessment item relates to unit learning outcomes 1, 2, 3, and 4.
The assignment must be completed as a group assignment for face to face students.
Distance students have the option of doing it as a group or can also submit as an
individual assignment, if you are unable to form a group online. Face to face students
will be allocated into groups of 3-4 members by your respective Lecturer. Distance
students can form groups themselves via the discussion forum on Moodle, or submit
Before starting this assessment please read information provided in the Plagiarism
and Academic Misconduct tab on Moodle.
Students are to exhibit knowledge of the subject matter by demonstrating:
• Demonstrating accuracy in accounting calculations.
• Understanding and the ability to analyse and interpret the information from
the calculations undertaken.
• Breadth of quality of analyses and providing appropriate guidance to
management decision making.
• Communication – use of appropriate grammar, appropriate format and
Allocation of marks
Please refer to the marking rubric provided for this assessment task. Please ensure
that you use the correct referencing style (APA style) as stated in the Unit Profile.
You are required to consider the case study provided and write an executive report
using Power Point. Your report should be set out in an appropriate format under
the following headings:
1. Executive summary – one page – an overview of the important issues and
their background, and providing a summary of your findings.
2. Analysis – details of the analysis undertaken and the results. All
calculations should be shown.



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