The Antoine Equation Describes The Relation Between Temperature And Vapour Pressure 3901301

Assignment 02 consists of a set of problems and questions covering content from Weeks 04,
05, 06, 07 and 08. Assignment 02 is due on September 22nd, 2019 at 23:59. The assignments
submission must be completed via Turnitin. The submission link can be found in Blackboard.
Problem Set
1. [Ignition of liquids] The Antoine equation describes the relation between temperature
and vapour pressure for pure components.
log10 ?? = ?? –
?? + ??
where ?? is the vapour pressure, and ??, ?? and ?? are component specific constants. The
equation is only valid for a particular range of temperatures, and should never be used
outside the valid temperature range.
The table below presents the Antoine equation coefficients and the lean flammability limit
(LFL) for iso-octane and n-dodecane. NOTE: The resulting vapour pressure is given in



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