The Answers Come From They Say I Say With Readings Third Edition The Supermarket

The answers come from They say i say with readings Third edition The Supermarket: Prime Real Estate page 496-505

  1. The title of this essay tells us the topic: supermarket. The subtitle adds some metacommentary, telling us Nestle’s main point. What is the main point?
  2. Writer’s often use metacommentary to explain something they’ve said, to elaborate on an idea, or to offer other such guidance. Paragraph 5 includes two examples of metacommentary, in the second and fourth sentences. What purposes do these sentences serve? Find several other instances of metacommentary in this essay and explain their purposes.
  3. Reread Nestle’s article and then do some of your own field research. Visit a supermarket and see if Nestle’s observations hold true: what’s the first thing you see? What products are at the end of the aisles? Which ones are at eye level? Is there music with a solo beat– and if so, does it make you linger? Then write an essay agreeing, disagreeing, or both agreeing and disagreeing with Nestle. If you agree, you’ll still need to bring something new to the conversation, drawing from your won observations or insights.

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