Temple University Week 7 The Movie Shutter Discussion

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Film: Shutter(2004) https://www.vudu.com/content/movies/details/Shutte… watch it free here.

1. SCREENINGS: Select several of the in-class screenings from Weeks 1-7 to discuss, positively or negatively; how did they impact or challenge your sense of the photographic? Re-asses your responses from the initial queries; how have the screenings (and the artifacts in section 2. below) impacted or reframed your assumptions and experiences of photographic, if at all?

How might they have made different or perhaps more constructive use of the photographic?

Are there artifacts (photo books, articles, links to websites, etc) from the modules that speak to the screening items you are discussing (beyond those I’ve posted for each screening session)?

How do your image assignments in the last month relate or speak to your screening selections, if applicable? Are there photo books, social media accounts, websites beyond those in the modules that open up a dialogue with your screening selections?

You are welcome to select screenshots from the discussed screenings to illustrate your observations.

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