Technology and Performance Management

Performance management involves ensuring that goals are being met efficiently. Furthermore, in recent times, technology is changing and making performance management more effective in motivating employees. Moreover, initially, it was hard for the performance technologists and trainers to convince top management to purchase the applications.

Improve Communication

By using HR applications, goals can be easily communicated by the employers and enhance expectations for employees to be more visible. Employees become aware of the alignment of their performance goals with the objectives of the organization. Timely feedback is an essential reason being employees get feedback when they require it and can make changes when needed. Moreover, the performance review is done by 2 percent of the employers, but for employees to reach their highest potential, they require timely feedback.

Two examples of applications used are Trackster, which facilitates open communication in the workplace; managers send employees emails regarding goals and reviews. Software used is ReviewSnap, which fosters the engagement of the worker and promotes employee’s review at proper intervals.

Improve organization

Human Resource technology facilitates collaboration between managers and employees during the process of performance review. Furthermore, a combination of feedback from the managers and fellow employees, the HR professionals believe produces an accurate result regarding the performance of the employee.

Two applications used are Featherlight, assist the employer in arranging one-on-one meetings, and monitoring real-time performance. Moreover, Weekdone facilitates managers to monitor employees’ challenges, goals, and accomplishments.

Challenges and Solutions

One of the impediments is that technology isn’t everything, despite the many advantages it has it is not be-all and end-all. For example, managers can use technology to avoid having meaningful interactions with employees. A solution can be despite interacting via the technology; there should be more one on one meeting between managers and employees to improve communications.

Another challenge is too many performance reviews aim at making some happy at the expense of others, for example, this can lead to employees wanting to please the boss at the cost of achieving other important goals. Moreover, a solution to this can be performing a 360-degree assessment, which gives a balanced view of contribution employee has made to the organization.

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