1. Bala and Ann purchased as investments three identical parcels of land over a several-year period. Two years ago, they gave one parcel to their daughter, Kim, who is now age 16. They have an offer from an investor who is interested in acquiring all three parcels. The buyer is able to purchase only two of the parcels now but wants to purchase the third parcel two or three years from now, when he expects to have available funds to acquire the property. Because they paid different prices for the parcels, the sales will result in different amounts of gains and losses. The sale of one parcel owned by Bala and Ann will result in a $20,000 gain and the sale of the other parcel will result in a $28,000 loss. The sale of the parcel owned by Kim will result in a $19,000 gain. Kim has no other income and does not expect any significant income for several years. Bala and Ann, however, are in the 35% tax bracket. They do not have any other capital gains this year. 
Required: Briefly explain, which two properties would you recommend that they sell this year?   (5 marks)

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