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Task details: Top Class Networks (TCN) in Sydney occupies a five-floor building. The company has five main departments: Administration, Customer Support, Hardware, HR and Sales. Administration is on the first floor, Customer Support is on the second floor, Hardware is on third floor, HR is on fourth floor and Sales is on the fifth floor. Administration has 15 workstations, Customer Support has 35 workstations, Hardware has 30 workstations, HR has 40 workstations and Sales has 45 workstations. Generally, each department has its own applications, but some applications require inter-department data transfer. All workstations need Internet access, company intranet access, access to local servers and access to email. Web and Email servers are hosted on the ground floor as well. You as a network engineer need to come up with network design report.

Report: The report must contain the following sections:

  1. Introduction: Critical analysis of networking requirements

  2. Local Area Network (LAN): Design and description of the Local Area Network for all departments which

    must include:

    1. Network topology: Discuss the reasons for choosing the particular network topology

    2. LAN design: Design must show all workstations, interconnecting devices and connections.

      Also, show connections to the server and connection to the Internet.

    3. IP addresses: Find all network and host addresses including subnet masks according to the

      requirements while using as the private network address.

  3. Hardware: Provide a complete description of all interconnecting devices (switches, routers, hubs) and

    wiring used to build the network. Provide justification for your choice.

  4. Conclusion: Comprehensive summary of the work done and recommendations.


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