T3 A1 Decide On And Describe Your Approach To Sustainability T3 A2 How Do You Hope T 2745908

T3,A1. Decide on and describe, your approach to sustainability.T3,A2. How do you hope to minimise resource use in your organisation? Give some examples of the strategies you intend to use.T3,A3. Thinking of sustainability as a business opportunity means thinking about its advantages for the business. What are some advantages?T3,A4. Develop a workplace procedure to put a part of your policy into action. Choose an appropriate method and explain your choice of method in your answer.T3,A5. Choose a procedure to audit and create an audit checklist for monitoring continuous improvement regarding your chosen procedure.T3,A6. Choose one barrier that you might have to overcome when implementing policies and procedures. Explain how you could overcome this barrier.

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