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13.164.24 24.34999999999999963.87 33.463.87 43.744.12 53.613.74 64.584 74.243.87 83.464.97 93.743.12 103.644.3899999999999997 113.074.63 3.73181818181818244.0745454545454551 Objective:Mystery tool. You need to choose which tool to use. We are not going to tell you.You are trying to determine if the deposit cycle time of check clearing has improved from year one to year two. In order to determine this, Quick TurnAround Bank has collected data in terms of cycle time performance for each of its branches. In this case, data was collected in a random fashionby randomly assigning each branch a number 1-11, and then collecting whichtest should be employed to determine if year two was truly better than yearone. The performance time is shown below in days.Which tool?Instructions:1. Write the null and alternative hypotheses.2. Calculate the test statistic.3. Determine the critical value whether or not there has been an improvement.4. Determine if there has been an improvement from year 1 to year 2.6. Write up your conclusion.5. Test at 95% confidence.Data:DaysBranchYear 1Year 2 Instructor:Hint: There is paired data. And, we want to see if the data from the second year has improved from year one.We are looking at the average deposit cycle time from 11 different branches.

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