Systems Analysis And Design In A Changing World 6th Ed Isb 978 1111534158 Case Study 2865457

Systems Analysis and Design in a Changing World 6th ed. ISB:978-1111534158

Case Study

County Sheriff Mobile System for

Communications (CSMSC) Law enforcement agencies thrive on information. They need it to respond to emergencies and to anticipate what they will encounter when they arrive on the scene. In previous eras, it was sufficient to receive information through the police dispatch radio. Today, much more than voice-based information is required. Officers often need to check vehicle registrations, personal identities, outstanding warrants, mug shots, maps, and the locations of other officers. One major difficulty with meeting this need for more information is figuring out how to transmit the data to remote and mobile locations. Local police agencies are sometimes able to restrict their transmission needs to within the city limits. However, county sheriffs and state troopers often have to travel to remote locations that aren’t within a metropolitan area’s boundaries. Let us say a local county sheriff’s department has received a grant to upgrade its existing communication system and the system must satisfy certain requirements. First, there must be complete coverage throughout the county. This county includes metropolitan areas as well as desert and mountains that are often outside normal radio or wide-area Wi-Fi coverage. About 95 percent of the county is within cell phone coverage, and 5 percent is in uncovered mountainous areas. Officers normally have access to customized laptops in their vehicles. However, some officers are required to patrol ATV trails and campgrounds. Those officers will still need to be connected with a portable computing device. Hence, another requirement is being able to use smaller portable devices. Your assignment: Recommend a communication and network solution for the county sheriff’s department. It can be any combination of Internet, VPN, Wi-Fi, telephone, and satellite communication. The applications can be custom built, with device-specific or HTML-based user interfaces. Although HTML tends to be more versatile, it has drawbacks regarding security; display can also be an issue on devices that don’t have browser support. As always, the budget is tight, so your solution should be as economical as possible. Develop a network diagram that depicts your proposed solution. Also, explain your solution and justify your design.

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