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This is usually a very brief paragraph, which includes: A statement indicating the overall evaluation of the work A summary of the key reasons, identified during the critical evaluation, why this evaluation was formed. In some circumstances, recommendations for improvement on the work may be appropriate. Document Preview:

Strat. Change 23: 225–235 (2014)Published online in Wiley Online LibraryRESEARCH ARTICLE( DOI: 10.1002/jsc.1972Visions of a P ole Position: Developing Inimitable Resource Capacity through Enterprise Systems 1Implementation in Nestlé Amit Mitra Bristol Business School , University of the West of England , UK Peter Neale Neale Consulting Services , Bristol , UK ultinational organizations can achieve a non-replicable capacity and may use Leveraging capacity to take an Mthe key nature of foresight to support the development and deployment of the organization to a position where enterprise system across several locations around the world. its competitors cannot challenge its authority is an aspiration for most global organizations. Enabling creation of such capacity by implementing strategic Introduction information systems is a strategy Foresight is undeniably an intrinsic part of the leadership of a multinational orga-with its own share of risks. nization like Nestlé, as it is likely to defi ne Nestlé ’ s position in the market and Admittedly, such risks can pale ensure that it is able to sustain such a position over succeeding business cycles. It into insignifi cance with the gains is clear that initiatives vary among leadership and organizations as a result of that fully functional enterprise-wide systems can produce. foresight. Usually, new initiatives indicate the germination of foresight among leadership. Like the real world of business, most new initiatives also have risks of The resource-based view of the failure. Admittedly, it would be in the nature of the foresight of the leadership to fi rm may be used to appreciate the nature of capacity that can be plan and execute such a plan, launching new initiatives that would provide sig-created to propel an organization nifi cant competitive advantage. While launching new…



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