Sy Smith Is Not Doing Well In His Job The Problems Began To Appear Shortly After Sy 1874935

Sy Smith is not doing well in his job. The problems began to appear shortly after Sy’s job was changed from a manual to a computer-based operation. He has tried hard but is just not doing well in learning to use the computer; as a result, he is having diffi culty meeting performance expectations. As a 55-year-old employee with over 30 years with the company, Sy is both popular and infl uential among his work peers. Along with his performance problems, you have also noticed that Sy seems to be developing a more negative attitude toward his job. As Sy’s manager, what options would you consider in terms of dealing with the issue of his retention in the job and in the company? What would you do, and why?


Self-Assessment: Performance Appraisal Assumptions Self Assessment: Performance Appraisal Assumptions

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