SUNY Wk 1 School Discipline and Students with Disabilities Discussion

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In today’s schools, high accountability for all students is a priority, so school discipline is a main concern. Students with disabilities are mainstreamed in public schools throughout the country and are the subject of school discipline, laws, and procedures to protect their educational rights.

For this assignment, you will review the article, School Discipline and Students with Disabilities. You will then write a review of the article following the steps in the Assignment Guidelines.

Assignment Guidelines

Your assignment must include:

  • State the purpose of the article.
  • Give a summary of the article. What is the article about? What does the author want you to know? Discuss any cultural/diverse population implications or connections from the article.
  • Discuss at least 2 things that your learned from the article?
  • Write a reflection giving your opinion of the information in the article. How will this new information help you in your role as a teacher?
  • Include references cited from the course

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