Substance Abuse that Compromise Stability Among Indian Americans Discussion

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Assignment Instructions:

Choose a topic (the problem that you believe is the most important one that American Indian people are facing in the 21st century), create a thesis that notes where American Indian people have succeeded and where they have failed in solving that problem, and then use the PPCC Library to research your topic and find information to support your thesis. You can also use your textbook and the primary source documents at the end of each chapter, and the videos and articles above to research your topic and locate at least three sources, in addition to the textbook.

For instance, suppose I decided that education, or the lack thereof, is the biggest problem American Indians face in the 21st century. I would search the PPCC American Indian History Library Database using the term American Indian Education as a keyword. Just using that keyword would provide 692 sources including books, articles, and studies by national and regional organizations determined to address problems, document successes, and assess failures in the American Indian educational system.

I would choose those that best fit my thesis and then read those articles or books and use them to create first an annotated bibliography (review the sample annotated bibliography here to see how yours should look: Sample Annotated Bibliography.docx) and then use those same sources to write a rough and final draft of a short research paper. As noted, you may also use the sources I have provided for you in this assignment as well as information from your textbook to create your annotated bibliography and then the rough draft of the short research paper.

Your paper should examine the issue you have chosen, the ways in which American Indians have tried to address this problem, their successes and failures, and what strategies American Indian people themselves have identified for solving the issue you are examining.

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