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Read the case study “US Sanctions’ Global Impact”

US Sanctions’ Global Impact – A Case Study of RUSAL’s Supply Chain

Consider the following when writing your case analysis:

  • What is the sanctions process in the United States?
  • Do sanctions work? Why or why not?
  • What is the impact of economic sanctions? Consider both, impact on the issueing nation and impact on the receiving nation.
  • Is military action always necessary to back up a sanction? Why or why not?


Compose a 3-page paper that addresses the case and the questions. Before you begin writing, please see the General Guidelines for Case Studies (posted under Student Resources) and review the assessment criteria below.

Papers will be assessed on the following criteria:

  • Description of the Case and Identification/Coverage of Major Issues
  • Depth and Scope of Analysis
  • Solutions and Strategies
  • Writing Clarity and Quality
  • APA formatting (Times New Roman font, 12pt, double-spaced; cover page; correctly formatted reference page; credible sources (peer reviewed and from LIRN), correct citation throughout the paper, and a similarity index of 10% or less)

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