Students Will Work Individually To Use Critical Thinking Skills Are Applied As S

Students will work individually to use critical thinking skills are applied as students examine the causes, consider and compare/contrast alternative courses of actions, probe underlying issues, and suggest recommendations or strategies that address the situations of the case. Managing Diversity at Yelp, available for $8.95 purchase online (Links to an external site.).

The written case study analysis must be at least 3 pages typed, double spaced, 12-point font, and 1-inch margins.

Case studies should follow the following format:

  • Company Introduction
    • Industry and products –Current Status
    • Number of employees
    • History – Positives and Setbacks
    • Business Strategy – Mission
    • The number one “thing” you should know about this company?
  • Diversity Practices and their Success
  • Underlying issues
    • Compare/Contrast alternative course of actions
  • Recommendations that address the situations of the case

This assignment is due by July 20th by 11:59pm. No late assignments will be accepted.

Prof. Angela


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