Students Are To Read Instructor S Materials For Week One On The Topics Of Mesopo

Humanities class. Must be at least 150 words must cite references. 

Students are to read instructor’s materials for week one on the topics of Mesopotamia, Ancient Egypt, and Judea (Ancient Hebrews), as well as this week’s text readings.  

The writing prompt for this week’s reflective writing answers the question- “‘In what ways has past cultural achievements influenced modern life?” Be specific connecting the past to the present with examples from particular civilizations studied in week one. By culture we mean religion, art, literature, music, dance, theater, architecture, food, medicine, sports, and fashion.  You have freedom to personalize the reflective writing to your own life within the answer, but specific examples from the instructor’s notes and text readings must be given. Your reflective writing piece must be a minimum of 150 words (about a 15-sentence paragraph).

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