Student Discussion Assignmentidentify Or Trace The Path Of A Red Blood Cell Thro

  1. Student Discussion AssignmentIdentify or trace the path of a red blood cell through all anatomical/structural areas of the heart.
  2. Identify and briefly describe the components of the intrinsic conduction system in the transmission of the impulse in the heart.
  3. View the anatomical models Figure 30.2 (a), (b), (c), and Figure 31.1 from your Laboratory Manual and identify the structures that are described by the following statements. Post your brief responses in the threaded Discussion Area below.
  4. Superior heart chambers
  5. Pumps the heart
  6. Provides nutrient blood to the L ventricle heart muscle
  7. Drains blood into the R atrium
  8. Delivers oxygenated blood from lungs to L atrium
  9. AV valve between R atrium and R ventricle
  10. Divides the heart longitudinally into R and L sides
  11. Carries oxygenated blood to all arteries
  12. Pacemaker
  13. Dense network of conductive cells throughout the ventricles
  14. View the histology slides Figure 30.7 in your Laboratory Manual and identify the microscopic structures indicated by a leader line, number, or bracket. In the threaded Discussion Area below, briefly describe the function of:
  15. Figure 30.7 intercalated discs
  16. Figure 30.7 cardiac muscle cells
  17. Figure 30.7 nucleus

Write responses in a minimum of 250 wrds in APAformat and include your references.

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