Student’s’ t-test is one of the most commonly used techniques 

Please watch all of the Kahan tTest videosthere are 9Millions of t-tests are performed every day in the market research industry alone. “Student’s’ t-test is one of the most commonly used techniques for testing a hypothesis based on a difference between sample means.Explained in lay terms, the t-test determines a probability that two populations are the same with respect to the difference between 2-groups or variable tested … The t-test can be performed knowing just the means, standard deviation, and number of data points. Note that the raw data must be used for the t-test, or any statistical test, for that matter” (“Student’s’ t Test (For Independent Samples)”).”The purpose of marketing research is to improve marketing and business decision-making. A company is unveiling a new mobil app and they want to conduct a tTest to determine if there is any statistical difference in which gender is more likely to use the app? I am asking you to administer a hypothetical questionnaire to 40 students (20 men and 20 women) that measures potential usage on a scale of 1–7 on the various features they will use (1 = never use and 7 = always use). You will need to use excel to enter your data.Please remember you should vary the 40 responses randomly in your hypothetical data set and the responses should be between 1-7. After you enter the hypothetical responses you observe that the men’s average is different than the women’s average. Conduct the tTest to determine if the difference is statistically different But does this or just a difference in our sample, which might not be representative of the true population (e.g., unlucky random sample, or convenience sampling, etc.)?” (Creech, “T-Test”). Explain your answer using the steps to conduct a hypothesis test.References- 3 linksStudent’s’ t Test (For Independent Samples). (n.d.)., S. (n.d.).T-Test.

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