Stetson University Kaiser Political position & World War I Essay

need an essay, and the resource has to be this book John Rohl’s Kaiser Wilhelm II (2014).

Please write a four full-page paper (no more, no less) 1 line space that answers the question.

1) On page 67 Rohlnotes that Germany’s then Foreign Secretary Bernhard von Bulow saidthe following to the Wilhelm II’s closest friend, Philipp Eulenburg in 1897, “Wilhelm II takes everything personally. Only personal arguments make any impression on him….He cannot stand boredom; ponderous, stiff, excessively thorough people get on his nerves and cannot get anywhere with him. Wilhelm II wants to shine and to do and decide everything himself. What he wants to do himself unfortunately often goes wrong.…If one remains silent when he deserves recognition, he eventually sees malevolence in it. We two will always carefully observe the boundaries of flattery.” Why was Germany’s politics dominated by Kaiser Wilhelm II and how did that influence the country’s role in the outbreak of the First World War?

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