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I’m trying to learn for my Excel class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

Hi there I have a project that I need help with. I collected data from a company, we need to figure out what advertisement is working for this company that is giving them more business, this is clear through the phone calls it is coming through (please use excel for this). each call is directed through a particular number the advertisement that its coming from

Please elaborate in a simple way where I could understand and be able to explain on how you got the answer.

I will provide with the data required, however I need you to plug in my data information that im giving you and relate it to problem 10. also keep in mind we are doing it in 4 month increments so its from january to April

This is the example that needs to be used for the data I need you to write out the problem similar to #10 based on the data I provided, be sure to use excel and plots…

Formulas for Stats Project:

10. A call center is monitoring its wait times, to ensure they remain less than 5 minutes, with a standard deviation of 2 minutes. A recent sample of 100 calls shows the mean wait time is 4.8 minutes.

Can the call center continue to claim that wait times are less than 5 minutes, at a 0.10 level of significance?

As part of your assessment, include a statement of the null and alternate hypothesis, decision criteria, test statistic, decision, and the p-value.

Vol 2, Ch 2, #10


X= Months

Y= Advertising Calls

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