Statistics Wealth Distribution Sample Coefficient of Skewness Worksheet

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10. If you plotted the wealth distribution in the US in 2020, would it have positive or negative skewness?

11. The following are the ages of all people that visit a store between 2p-3p on Wed 3/18/2020.

3 7 17 18 27 27 29 31 38 39

a. Is this a sample or a population? Explain your answer.

b. Calculate the coefficient of skewness using the Person method.
c. Calculate the coefficient of skewness using the software method (equation 4-3 in the book)

20. Consider the following survey question: What do you think of this high-quality, top-bean coffee?

(Note: We did not directly cover survey question writing in class. However, this is an important skill I want to expose you to. You can answer with common sense or Google survey question design.)

  1. What is wrong with this question?

2.Rewrite it to make it better

21.You are a researcher and would like to understand the New Yorkers preferences for different types of bagels (plain, sesame, poppy seed, whole wheat, etc.)

a)Where would be a bad place to sample? Why?

b)Describe where you would sample. Why?

22. Buses arrive at a bus stop every 30 minutes and people can arrive at any time.

a)What type of distribution describes this situation?

b)What is the probability a person waits at the stop for exactly 5 minutes?

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