State of Information Technology

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In 700–900 words, post answers to the following questions:

  • What current trend in IT is impacting society at large? Identify the reasons behind the trend and the impact it is likely to have.
  • Describe the current trend in your selected researchable IT topic. How does this affect IT in general? Is this a localized consideration or a broad issue?
  • What led to the current state of the IT topic you are researching in your literature review? Identify at least three contributing factors and the reason it is worthwhile to solve the problems identified.
  • Are there uncertainties, challenges, and risks associated with your IT research topic? Explore and discuss two scenarios based on public policy, industry, or business decisions and possible outcomes.

Support your answers with examples and research. Your responses should clarify your understanding of the topic. They should be your own, original, and free from plagiarism.


cite references and use APA format !!

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