Starbucks Chief Marketing Officer Brady Brewer Entrepreneur Interview Discussion

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All students will be required to interview at least one entrepreneur. This person can come from any walk of life or employment: business, not for profit, community, NGO, etc. A submitted report should cover the background and major lessons learned by this person(s) thus far in his or her career plus any observations you gained by completing this exercise.

Suggested outline/questions (add any others you wish):

Who the person is?

Why did you select him or her?

Their profile / background: education, work experience, etc.

What is their current job? Title?

How did you do the interview (face to face, email, telephone, Skype, etc )?

How did they end up doing what they are doing now?

Do they enjoy it?

Best part of their current job? Why?

Worst part? Why?

Was this current job their long term plan or did it happen by coincidence?

What are their current goals?

What are the biggest and best lessons they have learned?

If they could do anything differently what would it be?

Who was the biggest influence on their career? Why?

And form your perspective:

What did you learn by doing this interview?

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