STA 2023 PHSC Data Collection Paper

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Data Collection

This part must be submitted in an APA format, using the sample paper provided in the library module. You will be handing in the cover page with your changes and the Data Collection summary. The rest of the paper should be deleted except for the headings for each section.

II.How did you collect your data?

III.Describe how you chose the participants in your sample. What type of sampling method did you use and why?a. Do you think this sample is representative of the general population? Why or why not?

IV.Submit the raw data. It must be in a spreadsheet, with all variables and cases clearly distinguishable.

V.In addition to the questions you have chosen, you must also gather the following information from your participants:

a. Age

b. Gender (this is not a binary question)

c. Race/Ethnicity – If a participant does not want to self-identify, then you code them as NA.

d. Level of educational attainment: numbers will be assigned to each level of educatione. Income Level .

I attached a sample of the paper below

ALso I attacked my survay and the data from it

I also attacted my part 1 with the question i choose and my topic

– I college my date by posting them on my friend college group and on social media and canvas.

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