St Marys University Capitalism in Canada & Emerging Ethical Issues Questions

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1.As a university student and future (or current) member of the workforce, do you believe the current capitalist system in Canada sufficiently addresses emerging ethical issues? What kinds of changes would you advocate for? Word count: 300-400

2.Which type of capitalism would you personally advocate for and why? For example, would you advocate for more social welfare, corporate profits, or less government involvement, etc.? The question is asking about the type of capitalism (customer capitalism, consumer capitalism, family capitalism or frontier capitalism) you would advocate for. The type here refers to the ‘form’ of capitalism. Each type of capitalism focuses on different elements, such as more/less social welfare or more/less government involvement. Essentially, the forms would be examples such as production, consumer, etc. (the question is not asking about the eight fundamental components of capitalism). (word count: 200-250)

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