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Need a 300 word response as well as APA format citations to the below writing. In the response please respond using the following prompt:

Do you agree that this is an effective email? Why or why not? What is one way that the email could be further improved?

According to, there are twelve key elements in launching a successful email campaign. I will touch on three of those elements.

One, be mobile-friendly.’s blog stated, that “it’s estimated that about half of email opens are on mobile devices, which means that your emails need to render properly across various devices and screens.” So this means, it is wise to have a mobile responsive template for your email marketing campaign. In all marketing efforts, from SEM to Social, having a mobile responsive ad or landing page is crucial to a campaign.

Two, have good deliverability. Delivering the right message is an important element to think about because you want to make sure that you stay away from the wording that will make your email feel and sound like a spam email. Staying away from words like “free” “act now” “purchase now” can be an indicator that the email sent was spam. and last number three, follow through. If you send an email with an offer, promotion, or deal make sure to follow through with that offer. This can hurt customer satisfaction if an offer that is in your email does not work or the promotions marketed is unusable. Customers have to be sure that they can trust your company.

In A Framework for Marketing Management, the writers go into depth about the importance of customer lifetime value and build loyalty with there clients. the reading says ” Companies should strive to build loyalty for strong, enduring connections with customers.” This is very important because staying true to your brand by staying consistent and trustworthy to your customers will lead your business down the right path.


Kotler, Phillip and Killer, Kevin (2016). A Framework for Marketing Management. Chapter 4 – Building Long – term Customer Relationships

Jeff. (2020, February 28). 12 Elements of a Successful Email Marketing Campaign. Retrieved September 16, 2020, from

An example of a great email to me is below:

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Prof. Angela


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