Splitting from a Throw Away Culture

Recycling and littering is a worldwide headache with hundreds of communities affected by this matter in question. Coupled with this dilemma, Earth inhabits seven billion souls who are roaming each region on Earth, and with only room for two billion more we are running low on our resources since it takes millions of years to recover what we utilize in twenty-four hours. Beside of running low resources, humans are polluting their home and making it more difficult for Earth to sustain human life.
Moreover, recycling and littering regulations have been sought out for eighty years since 1938, yet this is not the origin of this ordeal; humans are involuntary trashing and eradicating our planet with each passing minute. Whether it is as simple as throwing a candy wrapper to the floor to a massive oil spill that kills thousands of marine lives. The dilemma of recycling and littering regulations has been managed in numerous forms, yet the American society has not achieved the full capacity of the laws that are in place. Recycling has a myriad of benefits for the environment; for example, it reduces the amount of trash we throw into the land files, it reduces the need of striping mother nature from her natural recourses, and it reduces greenhouse emission that are toxic to Earth’s atmosphere.
Moreover, this matter has been a problem for many years, so politicians and scientists have been working diligently over these decades to achieve a suitable solution that will not leave the nation bankrupt. Yet, politicians are worried about artificial components of life, like money, and not what is beneficial for all humankind and their survival for the millions of years ahead of the human race. Corresponding, to the topic of recycling and littering laws, there are many limitations; for example, it takes a great amount of effort and resources to sustains a clean Earth with only a small percent of humankind working toward an unpolluted home. By the same token, some undeveloped nations do not want to adopt these regulations because they have financial limitations, or they lack the knowledge to deal with this problem properly.
Earth has provided the human race with everything that we need to live comfortably, yet all we have done is drain our natural resources and destroyed our ozone layer with greenhouse gases; For example, the cars we drive emits Corbin Oxide to the Earth’s atmosphere that induces the debilitation of the isothermal layers that protects us from the malignant sun rays. Numerous people do not see the urgency of mending the predicament we have carelessly planted ourselves in, but nevertheless the solution is simple, local and state government just need to reinforce reducing, reusing, and recycling to alleviate the waist we are producing at a rapid rate. The government has been lineate toward our junk, yet it has not revived the response Earth was looking for. So, now government need to step in and enforce and create laws that will help human race have a clean and livable Earth. Pollution has seven classifications, yet there are three forms of pollution which are malignant to human survival such as air pollution, thermal pollution, and water pollution.
Pollution takes on various forms, but the one that is most undeniable worldwide is air pollution. In the past few years Iran has become the most polluted country in this world, and their citizen are the ones paying the price. Instead of a blue sky, Iran has thick brown smog which replaces the clean air, nor are the start visible at night since they are masked behind a huge brown blanket that consists of vehicle emissions discharge, refinery operations pollution, and industrial effluents that are making the air quality dangerous for anyone who lives in the urban areas (“Laws & Regulations.” EPA). The health ambassador for Iran stated “In the first nine month of 2015 around five thousand citizens died from their exposure to the low-quality air around the urban areas” (Air Pollution). Simply, air pollution is a combination of natural and man-made material in the air that all living organism’s breath. Air pollution involves subjection which takes place outside of an assembled environment; for example, burning fossil fuel, such as coal and petroleum, are mostly used to produce energy that create “fine particles” in the air which “eat” our ozone layer.
Together with destroying the isothermal layer, Earth’s ozone is responsible for protecting humans from the cancerous rays that shoot down from the sun since we are scraping our protection from the sun doctors have seen an increase in skin cancer that result in deadly tumors. The uncontrolled growth of these eccentric cell surface in three types of skin cancer; such as basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and melanoma which all lead to costly and ill-fated deaths (How the Sun and UV Cause Cancer). Also, air pollution is transported by indoor air and dust; this includes the thousands of smokers, household products, building materials, mouse droppings, mold, and pollen. The list can go on forever but Earth has its limitations.
There are some people that still do not believe in pollution, but the research proves different as stated in the NIEHS website that “Over the past 30 years, researchers have unearthed a wide array of health effects which are believed to be associated with air pollution exposure.  Among them are respiratory diseases (including asthma and changes in lung function), cardiovascular diseases, adverse pregnancy outcomes (such as preterm birth), and even death” (Air Pollution). Although it is dismissed by many plications, there has been hundreds of reports that affirm air pollution is ruinous to the human race. In spite of the dangerous effects pollution has on the human body, there are ways to lessen the risk from air pollution such as keeping homes well ventilated, cleaning regularly to prevent dust and mold from accumulating, staying away from heavy traffic, and last but not least finding ways to reduce carbon oxide from the atmosphere; For instance, riding a bike, a bus, or driving a hybrid or electrical car. The government should give tax breaks to all of those who drive a hybrid or electrical car to reward them since they are living a smaller carbon print on our planet.
In a like manner thermal pollution is harmful to the environment, especially the marine life. Thermal pollution arises from power plant’s and factories waist which is released to the nearby lakes, streams, lakes, or oceans and it causes the water to have abnormal water temperatures. The majority of marine life cannot adapt to these sudden changes and end up dying from an unforeseen climate change. This is best known as thermal shock. The abrupt fluctuation in temperature that leads to the death of all fish and organism in the different bodies of water. It is most common “when a power plant or an industry starts functioning for the first time and also when it has opened up after a break for repairs.” (Laws ; Regulations). Although, it might not seem that thermal pollution affects humans, it’s not true.
The quietus of an organism causes a chain reaction in the environment since nothing is solely independent and no one organism can completely survive without relying on other aspects of the environment. The government is responsible for shielding all living thing in this nation from harm, and they should hold factories and any party that changes the water temperature accountable for the harmful methods they are using that are drastically destroying our ecosystem. Nevertheless, there are some problems that require the assistance from all seven continents.
Moreover, water pollution demands that all hands are on deck since the ocean is the vast majority of our planet, seventy percent to be exact. As the British poet W. H. Auden once noted, “Thousands have lived without love, not one without water” (“Air”). Water is essential to the survival for all living organisms in this big blue planet, and with the rapid rate of water pollution we are soon to see more shortages of drinkable water. Water pollution is caused by a substantial presence of toxic chemicals and trash which surpasses what is normally found in the water and it poses a menace to the natural order of the food chain and the environment. Most of the water pollution is spawn by human activity and their lack of respect for our home.
Water pollution is a widespread headache that jeopardizes the health of all humans. In the article Water Pollution: Everything You Need to Know by Mrs. Denchak clearly points out that by the year 2050 the global demand for drinkable water will increase thirty-five percent, and with only less than one percent being accessible to onehanded ninety-five countries there will be war (Denchak). It is common knowledge that our oceans are filled with human waist and since it is known as the “universal solvent”, it is easily polluted because it dissolves more substance than any other element on this planet.
Luckily, there are simple ways that one can implement into their lives that can prevent or limit one’s contribution to water contamination: Reduce and reuse, when you can, your plastic. Dispose of chemical cleaners, oils, and any non-biodegradable properly and try to keep them from going down any drains. At your home if you have a yard avoid apply pesticide, consider landscaping that will reduce water runoff, and look into buying artificial grass which will reduce your consumption of water. Also, if you have a pet, especially a dog, be sure to pick up after them and even more so when you take them for a walk. Nevertheless, making your voice heard, is one of the most effective ways to support our water and to pressure our government to support and promote the Clean Water Act which protects our fresh water. Everyone should be involved in how the government control and regulates our drinking water.
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